100.9 HD1 - VCS Radio --- Main Channel 
News, music, talk, weather, school sports, local events and more!!  This is VCS Radio You've already come to know and love -- programmed and produced by our own VCS Radio Broadcasting Students -- now in clear -- noise-free -- digital quality!!

100.9 HD2 - VCS Radio --- Sound Art Central Channel
Music and sound produced by our own VCS Radio Conservatory students --- 24 hours / no commercials! featuring compositions, orchestrations and more...  Music performances by our very own VCS Radio Jazz and Symphony!

100.9 HD3 - VCS Radio --- Time Travel Central 
It's like listening to history as it happens --- the old meets the new with classic broadcasts from the early days of Radio along with new student-produced dramas and comedies.

100.9 HD4 - VCS Radio --- School and Community Connect
Everything VCS! messages from the head of school; news from the many departments that make up our dynamic educational experience at VCS!!

Available now
on all radios equipped with
HD Radio technology!!
There's nothing to do but tune in to 100.9
Regular radios will continue to receive our exciting VCS Radio programming as usual.
HD equipped radios will show a special HD icon as the radio comes alive with new choices and better sound!

FAQ's about HD Radio...


What is HD Radio technology?
HD Radio technology is the new way for stations to broadcast in digital audio to specially equipped radios and still provide the same analog audio for standard FM radios.  KVCB is the first radio station of it's type to adopt this new technology. 

Do all radios receive HD Radio Digital services?
You need a radio equipped with HD Radio technology to receive the special advantages digital radio offers. Standard FM radios continue to receive the same great student-produced programming and local coverage you've always loved to hear. HD Radio simply provides more choices and even better digital sound.

Do you ever broadcast the extra HD2, HD3, and HD4 shows on the main FM channel?
Yes. All programs are on our main FM channel at certain scheduled times. The HD2, HD3 and HD4 digital channels are supplements to our main channel. They provide some of our specialized programs at a more in-depth level and more convenient times such as all-day broadcasts of Sound Art Central on HD2; Time Travel Central on HD3 and School Connect on HD4

How's the HD Radio signal coverage?
Generally about the same as our standard FM counterpart with some minor differences:
HD1 (the main channel) has the best coverage because it's actually synchronized perfectly with our standard analog FM signal so your radio seamlessly mixes between the best signals. This makes our coverage even more robust than the standard FM alone.

HD2, HD3 and HD4 has about the same coverage as HD1, but it doesn't have the benefit of the analog "mix" so it can be a bit more unstable at the edge of our service area.

Do you stream the HD shows on the Internet?
Yes, go to Listen Online on this site or use the Tunein app an search "VCS Radio"



What are some of the other HD Radio stations heard in our area?
HD Radio receivers are compatible with all FM channels -- both standard (analog) and digital (HD). If the station is not broadcasting in HD, the receiver will automatically switch to analog-mode to receive it. Here is a list of stations we've heard in Vacaville -- mostly broadcasting from the Sacramento area. You might hear other channels on your radio depending on your location, radio, and antenna.

ANALOG 88.1 - KEAR - Family Radio - Christian music/talk

ANALOG and DIGITAL 88.9 1 - KXPR - Classical Music

ANALOG 90.3 - KDVS - College Radio
ANALOG and DIGITAL 90.9 1 - KXJZ - "National Public Radio"

DIGITAL 90.9 2 - KXJZ - Classical Music

ANALOG 91.5 - KASK - Christian Talk

ANALOG 91.9 - KLVS - "Air-1" - Christian Contemporary Music
ANALOG and DIGITAL 92.5 1 - KBEB - "The Bull" - Country Music

DIGITAL 92.5 2 - KBEB - KFBK's News Talk

ANALOG 93.1  - KFBK - News Talk
ANALOG 93.5 - KYCC - "Your Christian Companion"
ANALOG 94.1 - KPFA - "Pacifica Radio" - Public Talk
ANALOG 95.3 - KUIC - "Your Hometown Station" - Adult contemporary (local station)
ANALOG and DIGITAL 96.1 1 - KYMX - "Mix 96" - Today's Hits Yesterday's Favorites
ANALOG and DIGITAL 96.9 1 - KSEG - "The Eagle" - Classic Rock
DIGITAL 96.9 2 - KSEG - Blues / delta rock
ANALOG and DIGITAL 100.5 1 - KZZO - "Today's hits without the rap"
ANALOG and DIGITAL 100.9 / 1 - KVCB - "VCS Radio" - Main Channel - Student Run community radio (local station)
DIGITAL 100.9 / 2 - KVCB - "VCS Radio" - Sound Art Central - VCS Student composed / produced / performed  (local station)
DIGITAL 100.9 3 - KVCB - "VCS Radio" - Time Travel Central - Classic radio broadcasts (local station)
DIGITAL 100.9 / 4 - KVCB - "VCS Radio" - School / community connect (local station)
ANALOG and DIGITAL 102.5 / 1 - KSFM - Rhythmic Contemporary - Hip hop
ANALOG 103.1 - KLVB - "K-Love" - Christian contemporary
ANALOG and DIGITAL 105.1 / 1 - KNCI - Country Music
DIGITAL 105.1 2 - KNCI - "All-time Country Hits"
DIGITAL 105.1 / 3 - KNCI - "classic country"
ANALOG 105.5 - KSAC - Business News
ANALOG and DIGITAL 106.5 / 1 - KUDL - "The End" - Top 40 hits
DIGITAL 106.5 / 2 - KUDL - "The End" recorded rebroadcasts