I ran the experiment for sending our radiothon to alien spaceships -- this is the video of what happened :)

To get the audio from our station, I used a cheap transistor radio I bought at best Buy for about $15. 

I've injected the audio, using the radio's headphone jack into a standard LED shop light I bought at a hardware store. It's connected in a parallel circuit with the light's DC power source. 

The light will be placed on the roof of our studio all night. 

To test that there is audio encoded into the light, I bought a mini solar cell and plugged it into a guitar amplifier. 

The video shows the test. The creepy sound you hear is what the studio room fluorescent lights sound like through the solar cell. 

When I point it at the LED light array, something very interesting happens. Oh my!! 

Happy High School Radio Week!! 

Go Here for video VCS TV