New CRO certification program begins 

I'm excited to offer a brand new first-level engineering certification program at VCS for tech-minded students. With this program, your child will become a student technical operator for KVCB-LP HD and will have the chance to obtain both the VCS Radio certification and prepare for the nationally recognized CRO certificate. 

CRO stands for "Certified Radio Operator." It's the first level in the engineering certification program by the highly respected Society of Broadcast Engineers. 

Why is this program important? 

VCS is blessed to have an authentic licensed radio station on campus to train students in a wide range of broadcasting disciplines. Students looking for a career in the engineering field gains experience at VCS Radio KVCB FM by working in the technical aspects of our operation. This gives him/her a leg up when applying for an internship, employment, or advancement in the broadcast industry. Add collaborating with professionals in commercial stations and the most respected broadcast certification in the nation, and your child will have an advantage that will help him/her stand out! It's this first certification level that can lead to a full broadcast engineering career in the future. 

The SBE Radio Operator Certifications is a great way to demonstrate to prospective stations seeking interns that you have acquired the basic knowledge to operate a radio broadcast facility and comply with FCC Rules and Regulations. SBE member engineers are encouraged to help promising newcomers by giving advice and directions.  

  The fee is $110.00   charged to your "smart tuition" if you choose to have your child participate.  

The program at VCS Radio will include the following: 

-- Basic tools needed to get started working in the student tech department of VCS Radio KVCB-LP HD 

-- Special engineering projects to hone skills for technical problem-solving. 

-- Student membership in the Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 43 (Sacramento broadcast market). 

-- Certification Handbook for Radio Operators, 3rd Ed 

-- The Testing fee for certification proctored by a senior SBE member in Sacramento. 

Fees do not cover transportation, personal equipment, or additional opportunities that may become available. 

Time requirements for the program would include various after school/weekend sessions. Some field trips to commercial radio stations and at least one SBE meeting to be introduced to the engineers in our area will be required. CRO testing would begin in June but must be completed within a year of joining the program. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email or call me. My mobile number is (707) 239-0005 

Welcome to 2020 at the conservatory! 

 BACK TO WORK IN 2020!!  

For me, this is year 35. Aside from a few more buildings, not much has changed. There still seems to be exhilarating energy at VCS. I thought it was just a passing phase. Things can't stay this good all the time. How can so much be accomplished by a small school in Vacaville? I can't walk three steps on campus without meeting someone who inspires me. We have the hardest working students (Who said today's youth is lazy?!?!); the best teachers (oh my!!! the best teachers!!!), and admin crew that doesn't know the meaning of a day off.  

 What's going on in the Conservatory for 2020 

Here's just a small sample: 

NEW -- CRO broadcast engineering certification -- This is the first of it's kind for second-semester middle school broadcasters! Open to all current VCS Radio Broadcasting students; this first-level nationally recognized engineering certification will help ensure a prosperous future for students choosing this career path. We're the first and only school in the experimental program at this age-level. Can our VCS kids handle it? Of course, they can :)

Superman WWII score restoration project -- Working with prominent film and music historians and the estate of the original composer, our kids will be restoring all of the lost scores of the late Fleischer Brothers 1940's groundbreaking animated series. The first two episodes in this 4-year project will be presented in concert on February 11th. How can grade-school kids accomplish this? With the kind of work ethic that they show every day!!

Safety Last Project - Harold Lloyd's legendary feature-film masterpiece has been completely restored with the score of the masterful English Composer, Carl Davis. The VCS Radio Symphony is set to perform the work in August of 2020.  

Is there more?? 

Yes, so much more!! 

We'll be celebrating the experiments of Thomas Edison in April, tackling Beethoven in May, exploring the secrets of the dramatic arts in June.  

Changing the world -- discovering new adventures -- forging new paths in creativity -- it's what we do at VCS!!

VCS Radio's 5th Birthday!! 

It was five years ago when Our eager students fired up or FM transmitter and broadcast our first words on KVCB. On September 8th, 2014, the Federal Communications Commission granted our license to serve Vacaville! The station was featured in national magazines; syndicated live programming across the country; and became the first high school station world-wide to broadcast with digital HD Radio technology! 

Not a bad beginning!!


This weeks special LIVE broadcasts 

Tuesday, September 10

1:05 pm -- (FM / HD1 / online) VCS Elementary Chapel LIVE from First Baptist Church in Vacaville

6:30 pm -- (FM / HD1 / online) Middle School Retreat Chapel LIVE from Koinonia Conference Grounds

7:30 pm -- (FM / HD1 / online) High School Retreat Chapel LIVE from Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds


Wednesday, September, 11

8:45 am -- (FM / HD1 / online) Middle School Retreat Chapel LIVE from Koinonia Conference Grounds

9:30 am -- (FM / HD1 / online) High School Retreat Chapel LIVE from Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds

6:30 pm -- (FM / HD1 / online) Middle School Retreat Chapel LIVE from Koinonia Conference Grounds 

7:30 pm -- (FM / HD1 / online) High School Retreat Chapel  LIVE from Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds                                    

9:00 am -- (FM / HD1 / online) High school Retreat Talent Show LIVE from Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds          


Thursday, September 12

8:45 am -- (FM / HD1 / online) Middle School Retreat Chapel LIVE from Koinonia Conference Grounds

9:30 am -- (FM / HD1 / online) High School Retreat Chapel  LIVE from Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds

6:30 pm -- (FM / HD1 / online) Middle School Retreat Chapel LIVE from Koinonia Conference Grounds

7:30 pm -- (FM / HD1 / online) High School Retreat Chapel  LIVE from Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds



Welcome to a brand new season 

After a great start of the new school year, We're excited to be back! Of course, all of your favorites shows will continue, including "Mornings for You," "Sound Art Central," "School and Community Connect," and "Time Travel Central!" along with 24-hours-a-day student broadcasts. Look for a return of the famous "Live Across America Show," and "VCS Radio Sports Coverage," throughout this season.

What's new? VCSTV is now a regular new channel on our website with featured live events, talk shows, and sports coverage!

Join in on the fun now!

100.9 FM - VCS Radio Main Channel

100.9 HD1 - VCS Radio Main Channel (Digital)

100.9 HD2 - VCS Radio Sound Art Central (Digital)

100.9 HD3 - VCS Radio Time Travel Central (Digital)

100.9 HD4 - VCS Radio School and Community Connect (Digital)

Online - VCS Radio Main Channel (TuneIn app. [mobile] / [computer])

Online - VCSTV (

Broadcasting -- even during the summer!! 

Hey, fans of VCS Radio!!!

YES, It's summer vacation, and YES we're still here broadcasting 24/7 with your favorite student radio personalities, great music and loads of FUN!!
in Vacaville at FM 100.9
or online HERE


I ran the experiment for sending our radiothon to alien spaceships -- this is the video of what happened :) 

To get the audio from our station, I used a cheap transistor radio I bought at best Buy for about $15. 

I've injected the audio, using the radio's headphone jack into a standard LED shop light I bought at a hardware store. It's connected in a parallel circuit with the light's DC power source. 

The light will be placed on the roof of our studio all night. 

To test that there is audio encoded into the light, I bought a mini solar cell and plugged it into a guitar amplifier. 

The video shows the test. The creepy sound you hear is what the studio room fluorescent lights sound like through the solar cell. 

When I point it at the LED light array, something very interesting happens. Oh my!! 

Happy High School Radio Week!! 

Go Here for video VCS TV 


Kids getting interested in engineering! Time to start certification! 

What's so amazing about the new wave of student broadcasters is how technically savvy they are! I'm happy to help the tinkerers with paid membership of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. My plan is to begin their journey with preparation for their CRO certification! 


More information to come shortly!!

Schedule for Christmas Eve and Day 

Special Schedule for Christmas Eve and Day - 24 hours:

FM / HD1 - VCS Radio Student Christmas specials and Classic Holiday specials all day -- plus -- a complete reading of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol December 25th at midnight. 

HD2 - recorded Sleigh Bells -- that's it -- just the sound of sleigh bells!

HD3 - recorded Crackling Fireplace -- that's it -- just the sound of a crackling fireplace!


Merry Christmas!! It's A time to rejoice and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior!!! 

Just so you know: Barney, the purple conservatory truck is back from the doctor! 

Many have asked what I plan to do on vacation. I will be here at VCS, doing what I love. It gives me a chance to catch up on the many things I wanted to accomplish and just didn't have the time while class was in session. 

I'm rewiring the radio station studio D. It needs it. 

I'm creating an all-new online music theory curriculum for the conservatory students. 

I'm finishing up the new radio station/conservatory Android and Apple app. Still a slight sticking point in getting it in the app store. (I'm still trying to get my Apple developer's license - I have Android's already). Stay tuned!! It'll be really cool !! 

I'm finishing the student path for the SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers) certification program [Phase One -- Radio Station Operations Certification] for our broadcasting kids. Some of our students will actually have official nationally recognized post-nominal engineering letters after their names! :) 

We're welcoming some new teachers second semester for trumpet, oboe, horn, and flute. We keep growing!!! 

Plus, student composition and orchestration in preparation for the Lucas Films album will be completed over the holidays. 

Of course, I'll be joining my family for Christmas eve and day :) 

I will also be thinking about all of you!! I'll be praying for tremendous blessings on the staff, VCS admin, and their families; the parents and students; the many industry specialists and artistic producers who inspire me every day! You are the true superheroes! Thank God for you!!! 


Just wait!!! 2019 will be even better than ever!!