Welcome to a brand new season

After a great start of the new school year, We're excited to be back! Of course, all of your favorites shows will continue, including "Mornings for You," "Sound Art Central," "School and Community Connect," and "Time Travel Central!" along with 24-hours-a-day student broadcasts. Look for a return of the famous "Live Across America Show," and "VCS Radio Sports Coverage," throughout this season.

What's new? VCSTV is now a regular new channel on our website with featured live events, talk shows, and sports coverage!

Join in on the fun now!

100.9 FM - VCS Radio Main Channel

100.9 HD1 - VCS Radio Main Channel (Digital)

100.9 HD2 - VCS Radio Sound Art Central (Digital)

100.9 HD3 - VCS Radio Time Travel Central (Digital)

100.9 HD4 - VCS Radio School and Community Connect (Digital)

Online - VCS Radio Main Channel (TuneIn app. [mobile] / vcsradio.com [computer])

Online - VCSTV (vcsradio.com)