Hi All, 
Praise GOD --- It’s here ---
After 14 long years and what seemed to be impossible odds, Vacaville Christian Schools has its very own fully licensed FM radio station on the air!!! If you live in Vacaville you should be hearing it now on FM 100.9
The test broadcast commenced today Saturday, August 23rd at 12:30pm! So far, the signal should cover Vacaville very well.
Here’s some FAQ:
What are we hearing now? ---
Well, we’re operating under test authority. That means I’m checking our signal and sound to get the best coverage. So, I’m broadcasting whatever I have on hand at the moment – mostly jazz music. I’ll be checking the signal by day and going off the air at night to work on the transmission system. This will go on for few more days until it’s the best signal we can have for our authorized power level – 100 watts by the way :-)
What are our call letters? ---
Our official legal station identification is 100.9FM   KVCB-LP   Vacaville
How did you do this?
I didn’t. GOD did.
HE sent me so many people -- I knew it was just a matter of faith! Thank you to Mr. Connelley and Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Tam who provided so much in areas where I had no experience like with running wires through walls and hoisting antennas and also Mr. Martindale who, with his vast experience in broadcast engineering, answered my very simple questions (hey, I’m a music teacher) without laughing too hard :-)
I also want to thank the VCS administration for putting up with my excessive exuberance!
I especially want to thank Mr. Harrell, who showed incredible patience with me. It inspired me to keep working. Hey, I think that’s one of his management secrets!!  :-)
What will be on the station in the future?
On Monday the students take over! Not just high school but middle school and elementary and not just the radio classes, but Bible and even our Chinese language class expressed an interest! Falcon Football will be covered LIVE – even the away games!!  The music students will be preparing the new Never Ending Music Project that will be the first of its kind in the world and that’s just the beginning! For a more detailed schedule of what is planned for kicking off our exciting broadcasts check out www.kvcb-online.com
How can we help? ---
Right now what I need is feedback on the signal. Tune in and let me know how it sounds from your location. email, text or call me. As I tinker with the broadcast chain, it should keep improving as we go! Thanks